smartcoach lite

Fitted to the essential

SmartCoach™ Lite is a stripped-down, cheaper alternative to the SmartCoach Power Encoder.
It's an even more affordable solution for users interested exclusively in training with flywheel (also known as isoinertial) devices, such as the kBox and VersaPulley™.
Specific uses include:
  • real-time feedback on power: these gravity-independent devices have a peculiar variable resistance - the more the subject pulls, the faster they spin. Unlike weights, the power that can be developed is widely variable and impredictable, even with the same settings (number of flywheels or rotating masses). Without a feedback system like SmartCoach™, it is hardly impossible to have a clue about the power developed and assess the performance in an objective manner

  • eccentric training with controlled overload: another peculiar feature is the ease of attaining eccentric overload by controlling the execution technique (i.e. by modulating the braking delay in the eccentric phase). Without a feedback system to specifically control the amount of overload, the risk is to not fully exploit this unique feature or, even worse, develop excessive overload with risk of injury

  • rehabilitation: the variable-resistance characteristic makes these devices perfectly suited for rehabilitation, since the load depends on the force exerted by the patient during the concentric phase. In a rehabilitation regimen however, it is even more paramount to control the power exerted, especially in the eccentric phase. The feedback also helps the patient in regaining fine control over his execution speed and force

Standard versus Lite

The only difference with the standard Power Encoder is that SmartCoach™ Lite cannot be used with weights: it's smaller and lighter (9x5 cm, 100 grams), and does not have provisions to attach to weight devices. It just has an input for isoinertial devices, and can only be used with these machines. Like the Power Encoder, it is powered from the USB cable from the portable computer, which makes it great for portable use.

Apart from that, the software is the same of the Standard system (read more here) and retains all of its functions and benefits.

Both the SmartCoach™ Lite power meter and the standard Power Encoder can be used in a SmartCoach Pro system. For a matter of convenience, in a training station with a flywheel device, it is of course suggested to use a SmartCoach™ Lite.
smartcoach lite
allert Important: isoinertial devices require a specific, SmartCoach-compatible sensor installed on the machine. Some of them have it factory installed, others offer it as an option or require to buy it from us. Make sure you check with the device manufacturer or, in case of doubt, contact us for advice.