SmartCoach Europe AB (Ltd.) is a venture established in Stockholm in 2006. The company mission is the development of cutting-edge equipment for strength training and for the assessment of physical performance in sports, rehabilitation and fitness.

The company's diamond tip is the renowned SmartCoach system, used by some of the best professional athletes and teams in Europe and beyond. The product range later expanded with SmartCoach™ Pro and SmartCoach™ Lite.

The portfolio also includes a next generation training device: Exentrix, developed in close collaboration with Sirio Automazione s.r.l. (Ltd.), an Italian company specialized in R&D of biomedical, industrial, aerospace and mechatronics equipment.

SmartCoach Europe's product range is the outcome of a unique international collaboration with renowned scientific institutions, high caliber athletes and teams and professional coaches, and conjugates solid scientific background with field knowledge, applicability and user-friendliness.

Key players in SmartCoach Europe's strive for excellence are:
  • Marco Pozzo, CEO and owner of SmartCoach Europe. He has a solid technical background in the development of biomedical equipment, design and validation of innovative training devices. He has been doing research in muscle and gravitational physiology at Polytechnic of Turin and at Karolinska Institutet (Stockholm) in collaboration with the European Space Agency; he now collaborates with some of the most innovative strength and conditioning coaches of elite athletes and teams in Italy.

  • Per Tesch, Professor of Muscle Physiology at Karolinska Institutet of Stockholm and former co-owner of SmartCoach Europe. NASA and the European Space Agency relied on his knowledge for the design of a gravity-independent training device for astronauts, which lead to the development of the popular Yoyo devices for eccentric training. His expertise, coming from more than 25 years of research in muscle physiology and over 150 scientific publications, was key in the earlier stages of development of the SmartCoach products.

  • Julio Tous Fajardo, the spanish "guru" and innovator of strength training. In the last years Dr. Tous has been responsible for strength and rehabilitation training of international caliber athletes and teams such as Rafael Nadal, Carlos Moya, UC Sampdoria, Real Zaragoza, FC Barcelona and Juventus FC. The functionality of our products are, to great extent, the result of Dr. Tous's intuitions and unique capability of conjugating scientific rigor with its application to the field.

  • Henk Kraaijenhof. Former trainer and conditioning coach of athletes of the caliber of Merlene Ottey, Nelli Cooman, Troy Douglas, Edgar Davids and many more, Dr. Kraaijenhof's career doesn't need much of introduction. Scientific consultant and distributor for SmartCoach Europe from 2010, he provided invaluable contribution to the development and improvement of our latest products.

  • Guglielmo Guerrini, strength and conditioning coach of kayak Olympic champion Josefa Idem, a living legend. Enthusiastic user of SmartCoach and Exentrix, Prof. Guerrini's revolutionary and innovative approach lead Josefa to the astonishing results she achieved in her eight Olympic Games. Luckily for the company, part of his exquisite intuitions were fed into our devices.

  • The Laboratory for Applied Science in Sports (LTIV) of the prestigious Faculty of Motor Sciences (GIH) in Stockholm. This laboratory has since always provided an excellent test bench for SmartCoach Europe's products. Not by chance, modern sports physiology was born in this University.

  • VF Sports, Sevilla, Spain. The first centre for functional evaluation which ever developed the SmartCoach™ methodology for eccentric training with Yoyo Technology™ and VersaPulley™ devices. Their contribution was paramount for field applicability of SmartCoach products and their diffusion in the Iberian peninsula.

  • Several other strength and conditioning coaches from first division teams in football, rugby and other sports. SmartCoach Europe took great inspiration from their needs and suggestions to create its user-friendly, technologically sound products.